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Digital currency markets are hugely volatile. Prices can go down just as fast as they go up. To maximise profits you need to store most of your investment in real currencies such as US Dollars and Euros or use a digital currency such as TUSD (which is dollar pegged) while digital currency markets are falling, and use the real currency to buy back into digital currencies once they start rising again. While automatically trading TREX will seek the stability of TUSD while prices are falling and buy back into Group currencies and bitcoin when they start rising again, but if you are not running TREX in automatic mode then your other crypto based funds are at serious risk if you are not monitoring all the markets yourself.

It is important that your portfolio is not static and reacts to current market realities. While not automatically trading with TREX, it is up to you how you balance your portfolio in terms of percentages between real money (or TUSD), bitcoin and all of the "OTHERS". The bot (TREX in automatic trading mode) will try to grow the "Others" and bitcoin, but whether that represents 80% of your portfolio or 20% of your portfolio (at the point you start automatic trading) is completely up to you and it's important you assess and slightly or significantly change this balance on a regular basis. The best site to check market activity is Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations. If you really want to understand what the trends are, this page is perhaps the most useful on the whole internet: Cryptocurrency Charts with the "Percentage of Total Market Capitalization (Dominance)" chart telling a very interesting story. TREX is designed to take advantage of money flowing out of bitcoin into the "Others" by buying into them as the prices rise (using bitcoin), and also the reverse when the flow of capital starts heading in the other direction (buy into bitcoin using “Others” funds when the money is flowing from Others to bitcoin) allowing the user’s funds to follow the rising currencies.

For all the great things TREX does, it is not a human with that level of decision making ability. Using the 'Redistribute tool you can perform batch trades, saving you time. You can even bail out to the safety of TUSD if you wish. It is important you do this and take some responsibility for your funds, the point I want to emphasise is: if the value of your portfolio doubles over a short period, those gains can be lost just as quickly, use the safety of US dollar pegged TUSD if price rises become irrational, don’t let greed take over. The effect of price fluctuations can quickly undo all the good work TREX can do for you. Bubbles burst, that’s economic reality, and if you're getting involved in digital currency this is something you’re going to have learn how to deal with, and plan for.

While in Manual mode, batch trading can be used to quickly recover funds from multiple currencies simultaneously (or buy into them). It is important that you use this mode as well as automatic mode because it adds the element of human decision making into the equation. TREX in automatic mode is designed to take advantage of markets going up and down (as they do), but if you feel markets are very low perhaps it is a good time to buy using batch trading, and if you think you want to cash out for any reason: batch selling is the way to do it. But you can also rotate money out of risers into fallers using the 24 hours percentage changes in Manual mode (which can be pegged to the group average to eliminate general market trends using the anchor checkbox.) It is important you use TREX in both modes, because eventhough profits in manual mode are not tracked by TREX or, there is a potential to generate a lot of profit (and off course the potential to lose some money too.)

Please note: Coinbase is being added to TREX in the next version (with the disabled controls appearing in v1.1) providing the ability to withdraw to your bank account. In "Show Details" it is referred to with the intention of manually moving funds to coinbase real currency wallets for protection of funds, however the fees involved in doing this can add up overtime to quite a lot. TUSD can be used to protect funds also, incurring far smaller fees and enabling you to keep your funds on Bittrex where TREX can use them.

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You will need to be able to perform currency transfers using the facilities provided on Coinbase and Bittrex, it's very straightforward, just be careful you always send BTC to BTC, LTC to LTC etc. as the wallets are currency specific and you may lose your money if you transfer BTC to an LTC wallet for example. The number of times you check and double check the payment address and currency type is correct should be related to the amount of money you are sending. Just be careful. Don’t forget though, TUSD is pegged to the dollar: 1 TUSD coin will always be worth $1 so you can implement this strategy using the TUSD checkbox using the ‘Redistribute’ tool in manual mode without moving funds to Coinbase, or withdrawing to your bank account.