Download TREX (Windows 64-Bit Operating System only)

VersionVersion DescriptionEnabledTypeDowloand Link
1.3.6Further changes to new delisting feature.YESEXETREX-1.3.6-Windows-x64.exe
1.3.5Delisted coins will be dumped instantly upon new market noticesYESEXETREX-1.3.5-Windows-x64.exe
1.3.4This version attempts to ensure consistent profit growth using the BTC price changes to decide how much BTC to hold - BTC performance is often the opposite of most other markets.YESEXETREX-1.3.4-Windows-x64.exe
1.3.3SSL Security added to site, TREX updated to use secure layerYESEXETREX-1.3.3-Windows-x64.exe