After taking an hour to initialise, TREX starts creating loans by trading: losses are to be expected as Bittrex charges a small fee on every trade:

TREX has noticed a price spike in GBG above the user configured BTC Safe value. An entry appears in the bottom left grid.

GBG continues to rise so this sell seems like a mistake at this stage. Other spikes have occurred that are fairing better and some loans are starting to do well too:

TREX later uses the bitcoin in the Safe to buy into some other currencies that look likely to rise:

You can see here that GBG has been linked to two different currencies in the loans grid (top right) and is now doing quite well although other trades mean we are still in loss overall (the GBG price spike has turned and is heading downwards now so one of the GBG loans may be paid back (if it starts heading in the wrong direction) to the GBG currecny with profit as it is over 106%, the amount of GBG coins lent will be repaid with an extra 6+%):

After just under seven hours TREX has made nearly $12 in profit. You will notice that the value of the portfolio has increased by around $750: if TREX was not running this would have been $12 less (the coin growth TREX achieves is far outweighed by the price fluctuations in the short term, but in the long term increases in coin quantities will be multiplied by future price increases.) It doesn't sound like much but how much interest would a bank pay in seven hours? 10 cents? If you were mining digital currency, you would need some serious hardware (perhaps two rigs totaling 12 expensive graphics cards) and about 15KW Hours of expensive electricity to make money at this rate (this test was performed on laptop battery power with the screen brightness turned down.)

TREX works well when markets fluctuate. You can see from this example it looked like TREX sold out of GBG when it shoudn't have. Moving funds between one currency and another switches between a good choice and a bad choice as the prices fluctuate. TREX will pay back loans at time that maximises profits or minimises losses for you. It's not risk free, but it does stack the odds in your favor. Why not give it a go for yourself: Download